‘Folks for a World that Works’: Guy Coxall

After the force of human nature that is Evelyne Brink, we now hear from Guy Coxall, a leading light of ‘HempTank’ – the UK’s think tank for ‘Hemp Education and Policy Development’, in today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interview.

“I am passionate on the subjects and lifestyle of sustainability, environmental issues and natural health,” says Guy.”I believe that nature can provide everything that we need and by working with nature, our connection becomes stronger. We can no longer rely on petrochemicals, toxic materials, monocultural agriculture and synthetic medicines. Current thinking and practices are destroying our environment and ourselves. It was not long ago that we had the answers and hemp was a huge part of that.”


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Evelyne Brink

Featured in today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interview is Evelyne Brink, who follows on from Carl Munson, OurNet’s Town Crier and Community Builder.

An internationally-renowned ‘Madonna Impersonatrix’ in a past life, Evelyne describes herself as “rocket fuel for creative leaders” as well as an author and “walking musical”. She’s also a mother, coach, and explorer of authenticity, success and the “BS in between”!


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Carl Munson

Following on from Rajesh Kalra in our ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interview is OurNet’s very own Town Crier and Community Builder – Carl Munson.

Carl has worked in a wide range of community-based projects, most recently at one of the UK’s oldest charities, where he helped set up a community radio station for people with a wide range of disabilities and additional needs. Now part of OurNet’s advance party in Lisbon, he’s assisting CEO and founder – Michael Brodie – with the creation of an expanded team and upgraded, beta version of the site platform.

Alongside OurNet, he and wife Louisa are setting up a natural coworking project in rural Portugal.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Rajesh Kalra

Staying in Lisbon after talking to Fernando Mendes, we now hear from Rajesh Kalra, with a very brief and to-the-point response to our inspirational #ffawtw Q&A. Passionate about studying human nature, the decisions we make and the logic behind those decisions, serial entrepreneur and mentor Rajesh is driven by excelling in every endeavour and challenge he takes on.

“I believe that success lies in the small details. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to help improve quality of human life and our environment,” he says.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Fernando Mendes

In the comedic slipstream of Ems Coombes’ responses to OurNet’s inspirational Q&A is Fernando Mendes. Mover and shaker in Lisbon’s creative industries culture and leading light in the world of coworking, he’s co-founder of Coworklisboa, Portugal’s first such space.

“Born in France, but my soul is Portuguese,” says Fernando, who is “interested in all tomorrow’s issues”.

“I love to teach and learn. I am now looking for new ways of teaching and learning throughout my PhD on Design,” he adds.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Harun Rabbani

Following on from Pure Portugal sensation Deborah Richmond in today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interview is Harun Rabbani, CEO and Founder of UnTangled Living Media.
Umbrella to UnTangled FM and UnTangled Television, Harun and team’s aim is to assist customers to improve their health, wealth and success in the seven areas of life – the mind, body, personal, vocational, familial, financial and spiritual. UnTangled Living is a social business that works in collaboration with partners, including internet marketers, social entrepreneurs and other social businesses.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Deborah Richmond

Picking up the ‘Folks for a World that Works’ baton from OurNet’s very own CEO and founder Michael Brodie, is Deborah Richmond who is Events and Services Manager at Pure Portugal.
The #ffawtw Q&A is a growing collection of inspiring mini-interviews with people in and around the OurNet community. Please message Carl Munson if you’d like to make a contribution. We’d really like to hear from you, whatever your angle on a more functional and fulfilling world.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Michael Brodie, OurNet Founder

Following on from the ‘Lifestyle Guy’ Garth Delikan, today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interviewee is none other than OurNet’s very own ‘founding father’ and CEO, Michael Brodie. In this short video, Michael checks in with his world-transforming intentions and vision for OurNet, now firmly established in Lisbon, Portugal, where we’re creating a next-phase technical and strategic team.


Virtual Village, Village Underground

From OurNet ‘Town Crier’ Carl Munson: It was great to get the keys to our new office at Lisbon’s Village Underground this morning, the container (literally) for our initial, mainly technical and strategic, development team. Village Underground is a very exciting place to be. OurNet Founder Michael Brodie (left in the middle row of images)…