‘Folks for a World that Works’: Tracy Roberts

After last week’s podcast piece with Lisbon-based entrepreneur Daniel Lind, we return to the UK and our usual ‘Folks for a World that Works’ Q&A format with founder of Positively Autistic, Tracy Roberts.

“Our mission at Positively Autistic is simple,” says Tracy. “To educate and create positive autism awareness.”

Adopted as a child, she also has a huge interest in genealogy and people’s searches for their birth families. “I have done searches for my self and other people. So I can advise on Autism and all things related to adoption, and give talks about a variety of subjects in both categories,” she adds.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Daniel Lind

Today it’s the turn of Lisbon-based entrepreneur and live-wire Daniel Lind as featured ‘Folks for a World that Works’ Q&A correspondent. Daniel, founder of transformational social enterprises Lettuce Grow and Re-Fresh, follows Bronwen Hewitt MBE, sharing his passion for connecting Portugal’s native food and drink with local communities, for profound social effect.

By way of a change to our usual 3-question format, Daniel was interviewed by OurNet’s Town Crier, Carl Munson, who also hosts the ‘Radio for a World that Works’ podcast.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Bronwen Hewitt MBE

Today for the ‘Folks for a World that Works’ Q&A, we talk to recently retired charity sector CEO, Bronwen Hewitt MBE. She follows on from Kimberley Jones in this inspirational and informative series, featuring switched-on people who are keen to make a positive difference.

“I’m getting on a bit, am married to an Irishman who I met whilst picking grapes in France and have two children,” says Bronwen. “My family come first and the rest of the world next; luckily my family know the rest of the world is pretty important! I have just retired from my role as CEO of a large charity which was incredible, beautiful, hard work but also very challenging in this current cruel environment in the UK.”


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Kimberley Jones

Today, we return to OurNet’s original ‘stomping ground’ – Devon, UK – to hear from Kimberley Jones in the ‘Folks for a World that Works’ Q&A. She follows recent correspondents Cressida Moger and Guy Coxall who can be found in the archive of this steadily growing compendium of inspiration and positivity.

“An artist, writer and seer who keeps forgetting that’s who she really is and crawling back into the ‘spiritual closet’! I’m in the midst of project ‘health recovery’ 2.0.” says Kimberley, Soul Midwife for Awakening Women. “For me things fall apart when I forget who I am and ignore the Feminine. When I ignore my true path, ignore my body and fall into my wounded masculine energy and start driving and striving, that’s when the wheels come off!”

“I’m learning how to find balance with that and how to be productive as a deeply intuitive and sensitive introvert when the world and my work keep calling me outwards to serve in big scary ways. It’s a constant work-in-progress. At the moment I share my art, blog openly about my journey and do a bit of ‘conscious consulting’ for women doing wonderful work in the world,” she adds.


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Cressida Moger

Staying with Guy Coxall’s passionate quest for sustainability, we return to Portugal and continue the theme with today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ correspondent Cressida Moger, Founder of ‘Cressida’s House’.

They say life begins at 40, and after a 20 year career working with corporations and entrepreneurs predominately in the financial sector, Cressida packed up her London life and embarked on a year’s solo travel, to reconnect with her passions, people and the planet.

“I’m now in the midst of a ruin renovation in Central Portugal, creating an idyllic space to host guests and inspire change in others,” says Cressida, who has returned to her first loves of food and interior design. “My project offers those staying, the chance to step away from their busy lives and rejuvenate, while being surrounded by nature, partake in cookery workshops and learn about permaculture.”


‘Folks for a World that Works’: Guy Coxall

After the force of human nature that is Evelyne Brink, we now hear from Guy Coxall, a leading light of ‘HempTank’ – the UK’s think tank for ‘Hemp Education and Policy Development’, in today’s ‘Folks for a World that Works’ interview.

“I am passionate on the subjects and lifestyle of sustainability, environmental issues and natural health,” says Guy.”I believe that nature can provide everything that we need and by working with nature, our connection becomes stronger. We can no longer rely on petrochemicals, toxic materials, monocultural agriculture and synthetic medicines. Current thinking and practices are destroying our environment and ourselves. It was not long ago that we had the answers and hemp was a huge part of that.”